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The TestComplete Platform acts as a backbone for TestComplete Web, TestComplete Desktop, and TestComplete Mobile. TestComplete Platform, which powers TestComplete Desktop, Web, and Mobile, helps you create repeatable and accurate automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments easily and quickly.

Whether you are new to TestComplete or have been using the automated tool for some time, you will benefit greatly from TestComplete training in Chennai.

About Myself

I work as a QA Automation Lead for a Leading MNC in Chennai with 9+ years experience in both QTP and SOA.

Flexible Timings / Weekend classes Available.

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This TestComplete course prepares experienced, beginners and new users to run fully automated keyword-driven tests against a full range of software products using the latest version of SmartBear's TestComplete. Industry experts take you through TestComplete's full set of tools for test automation and illustrates how to create Keyword-Driven Tests for automation; including Windows client, Web client, database access, best practices and more.

TestComplete Training Course Syllabus in Chennai

TestComplete training course content is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced Concepts.

    1. Overview of TestComplete
      1. About the IDE
      2. Project Workspace Tab
      3. Project Explorer
      4. Project Suites and Projects
      5. Project Items
      6. Workspace
      7. Object Browser Tab
    2. Introduction to Keyword-Driven Testing
      1. What is Keyword-Driven Testing?
      2. Creating Keyword Tests
      3. Recording from the Start Page
      4. Recording from the main Test Engine Toolbar
      5. Recording from the Keyword Test Editor
      6. Creating Keyword Tests from the Project Explorer
      7. About the Recording toolbar
      8. About the Keyword Test Editor
      9. Test Steps Tab
      10. Variables Tab
      11. Parameters Tab
      12. Using Variables and Parameters
      13. Playback of Keyword Tests
      14. About the Log Window
      15. Test Log Options
    3. Editing Keyword Tests
      1. TestComplete Keyword-Driven Testing Made Easy
      2. Editing Keyword Test Steps
      3. Editing Test Step Columns
      4. Working with Operations
      5. Adding Operations to a Test
      6. Adding Conditional Logic
      7. Error Handling
      8. Error Handling Operations
    4. Using Stores & Checkpoints
      1. About Stores & Checkpoints
      2. Checkpoint Wizard
      3. Creating Checkpoints
      4. Checkpoints
      5. Selecting an Object
      6. Property Checkpoint
      7. Recommended Usage
      8. Object Checkpoint
      9. Using Groups within an Object Checkpoint
      10. Modifying an Existing Object Checkpoint
      11. Region Checkpoint
      12. Recommended Usage
      13. Table Checkpoint
      14. File Checkpoint
      15. Recommended Usage
      16. XML Checkpoint
      17. Updating Checkpoints
    5. NameMapping and Aliases
      1. Understanding NameMapping
      2. Benefits of Name Mapping
      3. Automatic Name Mapping
      4. Creating NameMappings
      5. Using NameMapping Editor
      6. Modifying a Name Mapping
      7. Leveraging Name Mappings to Managed Changes to UI
    6. TestComplete Debugging
      1. Debugging a Keyword-Driven Test
      2. Methods of Starting a Debug Session Contents
      3. Exploring the Debugger Windows
      4. Call Stack
      5. Locals
      6. Watch List
      7. Breakpoints
    7. Event Handling
      1. Using Events
      2. Handling Unexpected Windows
    8. Data Driven Testing
      1. About the DDT Object
      2. Creating Data Driven Keyword Tests
      3. Adding DDT operations to a Keyword Test
      4. DBTable Checkpoint
      5. Creating a DBTable Checkpoint
      6. Executing the DBTable Checkpoint
    9. Web Testing
      1. Web Application Testing
      2. Understanding TestComplete's View of Web Applications
      3. Internet Explorer Process Nodes
      4. The Page Object
      5. Object Browser's Hybrid Mode
      6. Web Application Login
      7. Web Stores & Checkpoints
      8. Web Comparison
      9. Web Accessibility
    10. Web Services Testing
      1. Overview of Web Services
      2. Importing a Web Service
      3. Using the Web Services Checkpoint
      4. Calling Web Service Functions
      5. Object Browser's Hybrid Mode
      6. Web Application Login
      7. Web Stores & Checkpoints
      8. Web Comparison
      9. Web Accessibility
    11. Distributed Testing
      1. About the Network Suite
      2. Setting up a Distributed Test
      3. Adding Hosts
      4. Creating Jobs
      5. Creating Synchronization Points
    12. Manual Testing
      1. About Manual Testing
      2. Creating a Manual Test
      3. Editing the Manual Test Description
      4. Adding Steps
      5. Running Manual Tests
    13. Low Level Procedures
      1. About Low Level Procedures
      2. Recording Low Level Procedures
    14. User Forms
      1. Using the Designer
      2. Calling User Forms in a Keyword Test

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