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Course Name : Ruby on Rails training course in chennai

Duration : 55 Hours

Payment: Pay after the 1st day of class or 1st session of class if you are satisfied.

Flexible timing. No need to join in batches!

ROR Course Content

  • Introduction to Ruby Programmig language
  • Ruby Vs PHP
  • Ruby Basics
  • Ruby Installation
  • Creating a Ruby Application
  • Introduction to Rails Framework
  • Rails Application
  • Active Record
  • Action Controller
  • Action View
  • Installing Rails
  • Developing a Rails Application
  • Rails Routes
  • Rails Framework Examples
  • Configuring Rails with the MySQL Database
  • Introduction to CRUD on Rails
  • Scaffolding
  • Creating a Rails Application using CRUD
  • Creating a Database Table using Scaffolding
  • Migrations
  • Creating catalogs Table with Migrations
  • Developing a CRUD Application.
  • Creating Scaffolding with Scaffold Generator
  • Ajax Scaffolding
  • Validations
  • Introduction to Ajax on Rails


Greens the best ROR training in chennai. I did my Ruby on Rails training in Greens adyar. Venkat is the best trainee in city..if u ask me...Because I've been to many institutes before and got down...I was actually trying to change my career in RUBY..And he helped me through as I succeeded. Banu,

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