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We are the best providers of Database Testing Training in Chennai with excellent syllabus. By placement, course syllabus and practicals we are the BEST Database Training in Chennai. Learn & Master Software Testing Quickly from Experts. Databases, the collection of interconnected files on a server, storing information, may not deal with the same type of data, i.e. databases may be heterogeneous.

About Instructor

He is an Oracle Certified Professional in 10g and 11g with over 8.5 years of total experience in software industry. He is an expert handling all kinds of Oracle database issues.

Flexible Timings / Weekend classes Available.

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Database Training Course Syllabus in Chennai

Database training course content is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced Concepts.

We shall cover the following topics in this part:

  1. What is a database?
  2. Why Oracle?
  3. Why the need to test a database?
  4. How do you test one?
  5. Introduction to Oracle Database Testing
  6. Testing the database with respect to Memory, Space and CPU processing
  7. Oracle Real Database Application Testing
  8. How to Test and Validate Your Oracle Database Backup and Recovery?
  9. Difference Between GUI and Database Testing
  10. Types of Database Testing
  11. Schema Testing
  12. Database table, column testing
  13. Stored procedures testing
  14. Trigger testing
  15. Database server validations
  16. Functional database testing
  17. Login and user security
  18. Load testing
  19. Stress testing
  20. Myths or Misconceptions related to Database Testing
  21. Best Practices

How to do real database testing (10 tips to perform serious database tests)?

Many (but not all) applications under test use one or more databases. The purposes of using a database include long-term storage of data in an accessible and organized form. Many people have only a vague idea about database testing. If you are serious about learning database testing, view the video Database Testing Explained and then read on...

Firstly, we need to understand what is database testing? As you would know, a database has two main parts - the data structures (the schema) that store the data AND the data itself. Let us discuss them one by one. Database testing

The data is stored in the database in tables. However, tables may not be the only objects in the database. A database may have other objects like views, stored procedures and functions. These other objects help the users access the data in required forms. The data itself is stored in the tables. Database testing involves finding out the answers to the following questions:

Questions related to database structure

  • 1. Is the data organized well logically?
  • 2. Does the database perform well?
  • 3. Do the database objects like views, triggers, stored procedures, functions and jobs work correctly?
  • 4. Does the database implement constraints to allow only correct data to be stored in it?
  • 5. Is the data secure from unauthorized access?

Questions related to data

  • 1. Is the data complete?
  • 2. Is all data factually correct i.e. in sync with its source, for example the data entered by a user via the application UI?
  • 3. Is there any unnecessary data present?
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