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PHP Training in Chennai

We are the best providers of PHP Training in Chennai with excellent placements. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions. It will helpful for the companies and students who are willing to learn PHP with live projects. We already build a perfect solution of PHP Placements exclusively for our students. We always schedule a demo class for each course for the new inquired students. It is completely FREE. It takes your 45mins of time. Once you attended the demo session you got the idea about what you are going to learn in PHP with us. Simply, we are the best PHP Training Institute in Chennai where you can learn the technology to core.

Our PHP Syllabus is crafted by many MNC HR’s and Experts which already satisfied many of the corporate. We are also having a separate dynamic division for client projects. By placement, course syllabus and practicals we are the BEST PHP TRAINING INSTITUTE IN CHENNAI.

Course Name PHP Training
Demo Classes Every Weekends & Evenings in Weekdays
Venue Greens Technology
Address 11, Padmanabha Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai – 600 020
Landmark: Near Adyar Signal
Official URL PHP Training Syllabus & Informations
Category Scripting Language & Web Design & Development
Trainer Mr.S. Uvarajan
Course Duration 60 Hours
Class Availability Week Days (90 mins) & Week Ends (120 mins)

Introduction to PHP

PHP stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. Over the past 10+ years PHP holds the maximum web market shares which will bypass the competitors into very small region. As per the last May 2012 statistics PHP holds 60% of total web market share while other web technologies like JSP, ASP, PERL, Python, Ruby on Rails combined holds the remaining. It is more than enough the declare PHP as a clear winner in this market. PHP is more secured and cross platform and cross server specific language. You can put your PHP code in any server and in any platform. We are using Apache for this PHP Training. PHP is a open source technology which helps us to use in any type of commercial projects with out spend more money.

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  • PHP Training in Chennai

    Its clearly shows what was the power of PHP. Our PHP Training in Chennai helps you to build any web application from base.

    PHP Course Syllabus

    PHP Basics

    • Syntax
    • Operators
    • Variables
    • Constants
    • Control Structures
    • Language Constructs and Functions
    • Namespaces
    • Extensions
    • Config
    • Performance/bytecode caching


    • Syntax
    • Arguments
    • Variables
    • References
    • Returns
    • Variable Scope
    • Anonymous Functions, closures

    Data Format & Types

    • XML Basics
    • SimpleXML
    • XML Extension
    • Xpath
    • Webservices Basics
    • SOAP
    • REST
    • JSON & AJAX
    • DateTime
    • DOM Document

    Web Features

    • Sessions
    • Forms
    • GET and POST data
    • Cookies
    • HTTP Headers
    • HTTP Authentication


    • Files
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • File System Functions
    • Streams
    • Contexts

    Object Oriented Programming

    • Instantiation
    • Modifiers/Inheritance
    • Interfaces
    • Exceptions
    • Static Methods & Properties
    • Autoload
    • Reflection
    • Type Hinting
    • Class Constants
    • Late Static Binding
    • Magic (_*) Methods
    • Instance Methods & Properties
    • Class Definition
    • SPL


    • Configuration
    • Session Security
    • Cross-Site Scripting
    • Cross-Site Request Forgeries
    • SQL Injection
    • Remote Code Injection
    • Email Injection
    • Filter Input
    • Escape Output
    • Encryption, Hashing algorithms
    • File uploads
    • Data storage
    • SSL

    Strings & Patterns

    • Quoting
    • Matching
    • Extracting
    • Searching
    • Replacing
    • Formatting
    • PCRE
    • Encodings


    • SQL
    • Joins
    • Analyzing Queries
    • Prepared Statements
    • Transactions
    • PDO


    • Enumerated Arrays
    • Associative Arrays
    • Array Iteration
    • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Array Functions
    • SPL, Objects as arrays

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best PHP institute in chennai Ram! I am really delighted about the PHP course and i am surprised to see the depth of your knowledge in all aspects of the SAP HANA. I see that many architects with over 15+ yrs experience doesn't have the knowledge that you have. I really enjoyed your PHP Sessions, definitely look forward to learn more from you in the future. Thanks again..

I started PHP course with no knowledge at all,and i completed with lot of knowledge..this all because of Ram..who is very good at explaining subject very clearly..Ram--i know many people who knows subject and cannot express or explain it to students in an understandable way..but you rock the last thing Ram,you are a very good far in my experience you are the best..thanks for all the support

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