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Virtualization Training In Chennai

Best Virtualization Training In Chennai offers Hands-on Virtualization and Cloud Computing training in Chennai. We have the hands-on training you need to plan, deploy, and manage your company's virtualization strategy. Our broad-based virtualization curriculum includes VMware, Amazon, Cisco, Citrix, EMC, IBM, Red Hat, and Microsoft courses to give you the skills you'll need in a virtualized environment.

Learn the business and technical perspectives of both virtualization and cloud computing.

We provide Virtualization Training, Cloud Computing Training, Big Data training based on current industry standards. Get training in the core skills in virtualisation that will help you implement your private cloud. These courses also prepare you for certification on virtualisation technologies.

“Industry Leader in Server & Storage Technology Training Programs”

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About Instructor

Rakesh Sharma, a Technology Professional for 10+ years, is CTO at Greens Technology, a high end Technology Training company. He is an Expert in Linux and SAN and adjudged as Best Trainer, Instructor and Mentor by many Technology Professionals in India and Abroad. Earlier, he has worked in key technical roles at Cisco Systems and Wipro Technologies (Product Engineering Group) as well as given consultancies to other technology centric companies like IBM, Brocade, Quantum, etc. In his career so far, he has worked on Operating System kernel for high end SMP and NUMA platforms, iSCSI protocol stack development and Fiber channel switch software development for data-storage protocols.

He has also spearheaded and contributed significantly towards Linux open source community projects, particularly Linux-iSCSI open source device driver development. He has designed and delivered a series of high end courses on Linux Internals, SCSI Internals, Data Storage and Virtualization for Professionals and Architects. He has been a member of SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) forum, and has delivered many lectures to industry professionals as part of SNIA India Chapter.

Greens Technology is No. 1 choice for Deep Hands-ON Trainings in SAN, Linux & C, Kernel & Device Driver Programming. Our Founder has trained employees of almost all Top Companies in India. Here are few of them: VMware, Citrix, Oracle, Motorola, Ericsson, Aricent, HP, Intuit, Microsoft, Cisco, SAP Labs, Siemens, Symantec, Redhat, Chelsio, Cavium Networks, ST Microelectronics, Samsung, LG-Soft, Wipro, TCS, HCL, IBM, Accenture, HSBC, Northwest Bank, Mphasis, Tata Elxsi, Tata Communications, Mindtree, Cognizant, mid size IT companies and many Startups. Students from top Universities and colleges such as NIT Trichy, BITS Pilani, University of California, Irvine, University of Texas, Austin & PESIT have benefited a lot from these courses as well. The assignments and real time projects for our courses are of extremely high quality with excellent learning curve.

Virtualization Internals Training – Linux KVM, QEMU, VMware, VirtualBox

Course Overview
The training will focus on Server Virtualization technologies available today and then move on to discuss internals of KVM in Linux and how hypervisors can make use of its APIs. Subsequently, we will discuss about QEMU Hypervisor as well as libvirt toolkit that can be used by software architects to design management of virtual environments. Here’s the course detail:

  • Virtualization Overview
  • Hosts Vs Guests
  • Hypervisors – Virtual Machine Monitor – Type 1 and Type 2
  • QEMU / Virtualbox / VMware ESX / VMware Player Hypervisors / Emulators
  • ParaVirtualizers – Xen
  • Linux Kernel Support for Virtualization
  • KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) Internals
  • Programming the KVM (/dev/, /dev/, /dev/
  • KVM APIs & Ioctls() – Usage Examples
  • QEMU modes and features
  • Virtualization API – Libvirt Toolkit – Usage Examples
  • Demo + Lab Exercises on Virtualization

Course Delivery

  • The training course will be delivered by our CTO who is an Expert with 10+ years of experience in Linux Kernel and SAN software development.
  • 50% Theory, 50% Lab
  • Location: Greens Tchnology, Adyar, Chennai, India

Course Duration
7 Days

Target Audience

  • Linux Technical Architects and/or Module Owners working in Product MNCs/Top-IT Companies
  • Professionals who are working in Linux Systems and/or Kernel Programming Areas
  • Professionals working in design and implementation of Virtualization software R&D and engineering

Cloud and Virtualization Essentials Training Course Content

1. Cloud Computing

  • Definitions and Concepts
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization in Context
  • Suitability to Organizations
  • Cloud Service Models
  • Cloud Deployment Models

2. Business Perspectives of Cloud Computing

  • Cloud and Computing Outsourcing
  • Business Value

3. Technical Perspectives of Cloud Computing

  • Deeper Dive Taxonomy
  • Techniques and Methods
  • Challenges and Risks
  • Implications for Applications

4. Adopting Cloud Computing

  • Roadmaps
  • Vendor Relations
  • Cloud Readiness
  • Migrating Applications

5. Operating Cloud Computing

  • Impact on Service Management Processes
  • Cloud Computing and Service Management

6. Governing the Cloud

  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Supplier Management

7. Virtualization

  • Definitions and Concepts
  • Virtualization in Context
  • Virtualization in Readiness
  • Virtualization Landscape

8. Business Perspectives of Virtualization

  • Business Value
  • Inhibitors and Challenges

9. Virtual Data Center: Server Virtualization

  • Server Virtualization
  • Types of Server  Virtualization
  • Leading Platforms
  • Unique Features

10. Virtual Data Center: Storage, Networks, and Applications

  • Virtualization and Storage
  • Virtualization and the Network
  • Systems Management
  • Opportunities for Application Developers

11. Workplace Virtualization Technologies

  • Challenges and Solutions

12. Adopting Virtualization

  • Roadmaps
  • Service
  • Migration Technologies

13. Operating Virtualization

  • Impact on Service Management Processes
  • Virtualization and Service Management

14. Governing Virtualization

  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Sharing Policy and IT Management

Our goal is to deliver most accurate training programs and be a trusted partner for Server & Storage Technology Training Programs in the industry. We provide trainings to corporate as well as individuals. Greens Technology has embarked on a mission to provide free quality content (10000+ Quizzes & Programs) on C, C++, Linux, SAN and other core computer science topics.

Greens technology the best training in chennai. I have seen many training institutions in Chennai. But GREENS TECHNOLOGY is the best institute for Virtualization and cloud computing. Especially the Trainer Mr. Rakesh is Excellent. He has such huge experience in real time. The training method was very good. They are providing latest version of tool with project support.

I started this course with no knowledge at all,and i completed with lot of knowledge..this all because of Rakesh..who is very good at explaining subject very clearly..Rakesh--i know many people who knows subject and cannot express or explain it to students in an understandable way..but you rock the last thing sai,you are a very good far in my experience you are the best..thanks for all the support

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