Sr. Oracle Plsql Developer Resume


  • Over 5+ years of extensive experience in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) covering Requirements Management, System Analysis, Architecture and Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of business applications.
  • Strong Data Modeling experience using ER diagram, Dimensional/Hierarchical data modeling, Star Schema modeling, Snowflake modeling using tools like Erwin.
  • Extensive experience writing Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, PL/SQL routines, Database triggers, Shell-Scripting, unit testing integrity and also involved in complex backend data extraction, transformation and loading operations on oracle using INFORMATICA, SQL Loader and DATA PUMP utilities.
  • Created multiple customized PL/SQL Procedures & Packages for various businesses needs, to transform data before the loading process, and to manipulate and sort data for the Reports specifications.
  • Well experienced in Query Optimization and Tuning using bulk collections, Hints, Explain Plan, SQLTRACE. Experienced in creating External tables, Uploading/Downloading data using SQL*Loader control files.
  • Extensive experience in Oracle RDBMS9i/10g, design and developing Stored Procedures/Packages, Triggers, Cursors using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Also performed database administrative functions like installation and configuration of database, creating database, partitioning of database, creating indexes.
  • Performance testing of databases, creation and migration of databases.
  • Strong experience in design and build medium to large scale client-server and n-tier applications using, Developer 2000, Forms/ Reports 6i/10g, PL/SQL and Stored procedures.
  • Extensively used the oracle new features like Ref cursors, bulk bind, For all, etc
  • Performed Data Migrations using SQL*Loader and PL/SQL scripts, UNIX SHELL SCRIPTS. Developed SQL Program to load data from Excel file into temporary table and developed PL/SQL program to load data from temporary table into base Tables.
  • Experienced working on logical and physical data models using ERWIN 6.0
  • Involved in various activities like preparation of functional and technical documents, discussions with the client regarding the proposed solution, PL/SQL programs scripts, related unit level and user acceptance testing.
  • Established connectivity between front-end and back-end.
  • Strong Analytical knowledge with database design and coding for performance.
  • Strong Math Fundamentals with problem solving and analytical skills.


Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, C, and UNIX Shell Programming
RDBMS : Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, SQL server 2005, DB2, and MS Access.
Front-End Tools : Oracle Enterprise Manager, Forms Builder, Schema Builder.
GUI : Oracle Forms 9i/6i/5.0, Oracle Designer2000,SQL*Loader.
Database Tools : SQL Navigator 4.1/5.1, TOAD, SQL worksheet, and SQL developer.
Operating Systems : Windows NT/2000/98/XP, UX-HP, and Linux (Redhat), and Sun Solaris.
Web Applications : JAVA, JSF, JSP, ASP, XML, and HTML.


Project : LipperFlex Aug '10 to till date
Client : Confidential,Denver,CO
Role : Oracle Developer/Analyst

Confidential, is subsidiary of Thomson Reuters,provides mutual and hedge funds data.Worked in multiple projects. Core project was LipperFlexapplication is meant for the delivery of a global feed in XMLand textformat that incorporates all available content in QDB (database) and Lipper analytics from P3.The Optimization project is to improve the overall performance of QDB Oracle and to comply with the clients new Service Level Agreement (SLA). My main duties were to maintain existing applications as well as develop new applications according to the requirements.


  • Loaded flat files by using SQL Loader according to the business requirements.
  • Created External table to access flat files.
  • Used UTL_File to load data from flat files, modified data according to the business logic and saved back in to flat file OR into table.
  • Created database triggers, cursors, procedures/functions and packages using PL/SQL according to business requirements.
  • Written complex SQL (Sub queries and Join conditions), in PL/SQL.
  • Experience in trace errors from Stored procedures/functions, Packages and fixed.
  • Used SQL Navigator to check Explain plan and Tune fun/proc and Packages to improve the performance.
  • Involved in performance tuning (SQL, PL/SQL) using oracle tools Explain Plan, TKPROF, auto trace, AWR etc.
  • Created Sequences for automatic generation of voucher numbers and views for hiding.
  • Created Indexes (Bitmap, Btree), DB Links, Materialize Views.
  • Recompiled oracle Forms6i and reports after reconstructing table structures.
  • Worked both environments (windows, UNIX) with oracle.

Environment: Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, UNIX, Shell scripting, PERL, and Windows XP.

Project : Integrated Collective Insurance System Aug '08 to Aug '09
Client : Confidential,Detroit,MI
Role : Sr. PL/SQL Developer

Description: ICIS is an Integrated Collective Insurance System for maintaining the information of the customers and the users of the application. As a part of this, data is synced and also tuning was done.


  • Created database triggers, cursors, procedures/functions and packages using PL/SQL.
  • Written complex SQL (Sub queries and Join conditions), in PL/SQL. Experience in trace errors fromStored procedures/functions, Packages and fixed. Used TOAD to check Explain plan and Tune fun/proc and Packages to improve the performance.
  • Involved in performance tuning (SQL, PL/SQL) using oracle tools Explain Plan, TKPROF, auto trace, AWR etc.
  • Create Sequences for automatic generation of voucher numbers and views for hiding.
  • Design logical and physical data models using Erwin 6.0
  • Created Database Tables, Global Temporary Tables, Cluster Tables, Partition Tables and Index-by Tables.
  • Create Indexes (Bitmap, Btree), DB Links, Snapshots/Materialize Views and add tablespaces (temporary TS, undo TS).
  • Oracle Database Administration on 24x7 critical production and large databases(4TB) using Oracle 11g, 10g & 9i
  • Developed slowly changing dimensions of Type 1,2,3 through Wizard and Manually to populate current and historical data to Dimensions and Fact tables in the data warehouse.
  • Fixed invalid Mapping\'s, tested Stored Procedures and Functions, Unit Testing of Informatica Sessions, Workflows.
  • Developed Unix Shell scripts to automate repetitive database tasks.

Environment: Oracle 10g, Oracle9i, Oracle Designer 6i, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Navigator, Unix shell scripting, PERL and Windows XP.

Project : ATM Transactions Jun 07-Aug 08
Client : Confidential,Hyderabad, India.
Role : Jr. PL/SQL developer

Description: The transaction data is extracted from the various branches across the country, which uses a system called GDAS and developed Reports for the project, which is the most comprehensive, intranet powered information management system ever available to the ATM Transactions financial Services, and isable to efficiently manage and integrate all of Their financial, and administrative data Services. FTP component was developed internally. Providing secure, Intranet based ATM Transaction management system.


  • Participated in analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation of various financial Systems using Oracle 8, Developer 2000 and PL/SQL.
  • This system consists of the various functional modules: Loan approvals, Deposition of Cash/ Withdrawal of Cash, Change of personnel Information, Bank Details, balance Sheet, Customer Information Database.
  • Define database structure, mapping and transformation logic. Creation of External Table scripts for loading the data from source for ETL (Extracting Transforming and Loading) Jobs.
  • Wrote UNIX Shell Scripts to run database jobs on server side.
  • Developed new and modified existing packages, Database triggers, stored procedure and other code modules using PL/SQL in support of business requirements.
  • Worked with various functional experts to implement their functional knowledge into business rules in turn as working code modules like procedures and functions
  • Used TOAD and SQL navigator extensively.
  • Created tables, indexes, sequences, constraints and snapshots.
  • Developing packages and stored procedures using PL/SQL.
  • Extensively used stored procedures, functions and database triggers.
  • Used import / export data.
  • Performed development DBA activities like monitoring, identifying, estimating used & free space of data and index tablespaces, create needed indexes, synonyms, partitioned tables and security views.
  • Tune PL/SQL programs using TKPROF and accelerated performance of refreshing data warehouses
  • Performed code reviews as well as optimized code for better performance.
  • Responsible for understanding, changes in business functionalities, add new elements in tables and accordingly enhancing PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers.
  • Responsible for performing quality assurance, data analysis and unit testing.
  • Remained on call for 24x7 to support scheduled jobs in production data warehouses

Environment: Oracle 8, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering

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