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DevOps is the fastest growing Information Technology platform, which makes development and operation easier.

Development + Operation = DevOps

We have framed our DevOps syllabus in such a way where it meets with the global requirements for both beginner and advanced level with examination guidelines.

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DevOps Training and Certification program by greens technologies will provide you with depth – knowledge of various tools. Our DevOps training content is built by experts and updated regularly to keep pace with DevOps  technology, so you can be sure you’re learning the latest version.

Duration : 50 hrs

In this Online Training program you will be working with different DevOps Process, Methodologies & tools like GIT, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Salt Stack, Splunk, AppDymamics, Python Scripting, Terraform as IaC tool, and also learn how to deploy and implement them with real time session (project) that includes few more Important DevOps tools like Maven, SonarQube, Nexus, Prometheus.

Greens Technologies, Awarded as the Best DevOps Training in Chennai with Certification and Job Placements from Industry Experts. Join now & take your career to the next level. We offer DevOps job assistance (subject to project availability and partner requirements) for positions in India, Singapore, Dubai and the UK.

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DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops) which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

  • Improve deployment frequency
  • Achieve faster time to market
  • Lower failure rate of new releases
  • Shorten lead time between fixes
  • Improve mean time to recovery

DevOps has become an increasingly common approach to software delivery that development and operations teams use to build, test, deploy, and monitor applications with speed, quality, and control.

DevOps forms the entire project lifecycle, from design and development process to production releases and support. Starting from design and development to testing automation and from continuous integration to continuous delivery, the team works together to achieve the desired goal. People having both development and operations skill sets working together and use various tools for CI-CD and Monitoring to respond quickly to customers need and fix issues and bugs.

DevOps is essential for any business aspiring to be lean, agile, and capable of responding rapidly to changing marketplace demands. It is an approach on the journey to lean and agile software delivery that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development, and IT operations while removing barriers between your stakeholders, and your customers.

Development teams need to design, develop, deliver and run the software as quickly and reliably as possible. Operations teams need to identify and resolve problems as soon as possible by monitoring, predicting failure, managing the environment and fixing issues.

DevOps is a concept with different interpretations and definitions, but when you get down to it, it's all about developers and operations team working together to achieve the common goal.

  • To stay ahead in the market as competitors are already doing this.
  • To increase velocity of the team as well as product delivery.
  • To reduce downtime and within a minimum time limits, update the changes on the production.
  • To reduce human error by doing all work automated.

The DevOps Engineer Training is being recommended by the industry experts.

This DevOps Course will help become an DevOps Expert. The key frame is that you will be able to understand and how to work with Configuration Management, Continous Integration, Deployment, Delivery and Monitoring with DevOps tools.

Further you can understand the fundamentals of Agile and Scrum methodology and gain more knowledge to work in cloud platform.

The national average Devops Engineer salary is $99,604

  • You can Learn from leading academicians and experienced industry practitioners.
  • Practical and Real time Industry experience is provided through case studies and projects
  • Greens Technologies Certification holders work at top notch MNCs ,thereby proving that certification is highly accredited globally.
  • Classroom as well as online trainings are provided
  • Flexible timings to suit working professionals as well as students
  • Comprehensive syllabus
  • Affordable fees
  • Support during resume preparation
  • Mock interview practice sessions
  • 100%placement

Managing Code and Testing

Planning : You can use Jira or Azure DevOps for mananging and plan your work in an Agile way

Development : For code management, Git is the tool to manage your code version history, branches, push and pull mechanism in a distributed way. You can also you Microsoft TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) which is a centralized version control system.

Testing : To automate your testing you can rely on Selenium, JUnit and Apache JMeter

Build, Deploy & Integration

For integration we can relay on Jenkins, Travis CI or Bamboo and to manage your application builds which can be based on your application need we can use Maven or Gridle for Building, Accelerating, developing productivity.

You can also use tools like Docker,Kubernetes,Chef,Ansible and Puppet for deployment.

Operating and Monitoring

Operating and Continuous monitoring plays a major role where tools like Nagios, Splunk or New Relics can be used

Where using these can help you manage Server Network and Application

There some course objectives that can be overviewed here:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of DevOps
  • Install Common Servers
  • Configure Servers
  • Linux Commands and working in Linux Environment
  • Monitor the performance metrics and other success factors in DevOps
  • Deploy and Manage software version control in DevOps
  • Manage Software builds in DevOps
  • Automate Backups
  • Best Practices in data storage
  • Kubernetes for managing containerized applications
  • Usage of DevOps tool Docker
  • Usage of DevOps tool Puppet
  • Usage of DevOps tool Chef
  • Usage of DevOps tool Ansible
  • setup the right security for the infrastructure
  • Usage of Git
  • Usage of Nagios
  • Optimize communications, workflow & feedback loops
  • Virtualize and performance tuning

What are the roles available if a person studies DevOps Course and Each role has an unique responsibility:

  • DevOps Automation Engineer -
  • DevOps Testing Professional
  • Application Developers
  • Integration Specialist
  • Security Engineer
  • Release Manager stability.
  • DevOps Architect
  • Software Tester / Developer
  • System Admin
  • DevOps Lead

  • From tool/technology point of view, there are no “defined per-requisites”.
  • Knowing your Tech-stack, OS, DB, Middleware etc which includes Linux/Windows, Tomcat/Weblogic, Apache/Nginx etc.
  • Having know-how to Build and Deploy process. What to build, how to build, how to deploy etc.
  • Some knowledge about daily Ops activities such as restarts, maintenance, backups etc.

  • It is one of the top trending technology in the IT Industry, where it is being considered as a future.
  • It helps in improved collaboration and communication.
  • It makes us work with good development and operational skills.
  • It is an added value to your resume.
  • If you have studied DevOps then you gain more respect in the IT industry.
  • Increase your salary package.
  • More time to innovate.

For a minimum understanding of Devops for beginners, it requires only 10–15 hours. To get a medium level understanding of Devops will require a minimum of

40–60 hours. For high-level understanding, it requires more than 2 projects. that starts from version controlling to continous moitoring.

DevOps is a culture which promotes collaboration between Development and Operations Team to deploy code to production faster in an automated & repeatable way. ... In simple words, DevOps can be defined as an alignment of development and IT operations with better communication and collaboration.

Devops makes a lot of things easier and well organized , makes sure that your application is up all the time. ... Yup for sure it's easy to learn DevOps. Those who have good knowledge of development as well as IT Operations they can easily takeup devops responsibilities at their own.

So basically, yes, you do need to know how to code. But don't worry coding isn't that tough to learn. If you want to get into the DevOps engineering . ... Once you are done with learning a programming language ( learn python, its easy to learn ) then you can start with DevOps

Anyone Can Learn DevOps.People from different backgrounds can learn DevOps. Even a fresher with basic knowledge of Linux and one scripting language can learn DevOps

AWS provides services that help you practice DevOps at your company and that are built first for use with AWS. These tools automate manual tasks, help teams manage complex environments at scale, and keep engineers in control of the high velocity that is enabled by DevOps.

CI CD Pipeline implementation or the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment software is the backbone of the modern DevOps environment.

... CI/CD bridges the gap between development and operations teams by automating build, test and deployment of applications

For those who are looking to enhance their skills in DevOps, Yes there are several certifications for DevOps which include:

  1. Docker Certified Associate.
  2. Kubernetes Certification. Certified Kubernetes Administrator. ...
  3. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam.
  4. AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions Certification Exam.

Of course you can. Just like a person without any IT experience can enter programming, System Administration, Quality Assurance, Hardware etc. There is always an entry point to IT and DevOps is nothing special. And just like those other fields you will have a steep learning curve.

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About DevOps Trainer

Karthik works as a Cloud DevOps Lead Consultant in a MNC & Instructor with us for the past 10 years.

- He has over all 13 years of Implementation experience and recognized as an expert in Linux, AWS, Azure, DevOps, Middleware, Database stuffs.

- Karthik is a professional Cloud Certified coach and Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) trainer.

- He is one of the early adopter of DevOps practices and teaches DevOps culture, practices and tools to the development team and operation team.

- Karthik, in his experience worked for Various Clients, have handled multiple seminars for corporate people and students and also served as Service providers in the Industry as SME, Consultant, and Solution Provider for Cloud and DevOps Practices.

- He is an expert in Generic DevOps practices rather than any specific branded tools, who have vast knowledge on Experimental & Implementation.

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  • DevOps is rapidly developing and has an remarkable acceleration in the future.
  • DevOps career offers a high salary package.
  • Organizations are finding that DevOps is replacing their traditional IT Departments.

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People are the driving force behind every high-performance operation.
The ability to attract and retain the right IT professionals...

madhu-Greens Technologys-testimonial

Feedback: My Review is especially for mechanical folks and other domain folks who were completely out of the computer and IT knowledge, i joined on AWS and DevOps courses at porur greens technology on january mid and i got a offer by march 25 (AS FRESHER) with 3 LPA ,it's all happens within the short span only because of the two trainers KARTHIK and DAMO. if you know how to turn on your laptop or your PC it's more then enough , you will made as king on DevOps by this two King makers. placement is 100% sure with Unexpectable salary ( on my point of view placement was the least benefit you will get by joining the greens technology and being trained by these two people )
** important* you will be in care untill you get a offer, even though the courses get compeleted



vasavi-Greens Technologys-testimonial

Feedback: I did a course in devops and aws and never regreted anywhere still now. I feel blessed for choosing right technology. And i really feel thankfull to Mr.Karthick and Mr.Damo coz of right trainers we will be guided rightly! I had two offers though i had poor grades in college . I STILL have WILL to get many offers, that much stuff they gave me during training 👏🏻


Mobile#: 6383992913

sindhu-Greens Technologys-testimonial

Feedback:Hi, I'm Dinesh.I have joined in Greens technology as a fresher with two years backlogs and completed my AWS & DevOps course . The course was very useful for my career growth and course undertaken by Mr.karthik and Mr.Damo ..These two members are the best trainers I have ever seen before and taught me how to adopt with new technologies.They explained the concept clear and gave excellent training. They improve my technical skills and supported me in all perspective to get job.Now I have placed in a reputed organization with starting package 3 lakhs per annum. Thanks a lot karthi & Damo and Thanks to Greens Technology...


Mobile: +91 90034 98899

Vishnu-Vardhan-Greens Technologys-testimonial

"Feedback: Hi, I joined AWS & DevOps here,The training was very successful and interactive.Damo and Karthick helped develop the confidence of all individuals by using hands on activities to bring out the best in each participant.All in all a fantastic course to achieve your goal if you learn it from Karthick and Damo. The most useful part of the training was the case studies based on real events so the learning could be demonstrated in practice.No need to worry about placement, if you join the course definitely you will get placed."

Name: Pavithra. B


Vishnu-Vardhan-Greens Technologys-testimonial

"Am Completed AWS and Devops course at greens tech,Adayar Branch. Under the guidance of Karthick Raja and Damo sir. Where all the concepts explained in real time scenarios with practical, it was easy for me to understand all the services. In the end of each session they Providing Excellent study materials. Karthik Sir gave me training till the interview date which was really helpful."

- Ajithkumar

Mobile: 9566178194

Vishnu-Vardhan-Greens Technologys-testimonial

"I have completed DevOps Course under the guidance of Karthik Raja Sir where I learnt Ansible clearly where it is mainly used for maintaining the servers at configuration levels , where this chapter was really interesting where more than 1000’s of servers can be used and configured."

- Teja