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Tableau Training in Chennai

Learn Tableau from the Best Tableau Training Institute in Chennai with the most experienced and Tableau certified expert trainers in the field. Greens Technology provides Tableau training in Chennai to freshers and Working professionals for Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification exam.

Try two Tableau FREE CLASS to see for yourself the quality of training
Duration: 40 hours

About Tableau Trainer

Sai is currently a recruitment reporting leader at GE, and an expert in data analysis, Excel, Access, Tableau, and talent acquisition. He has a BS and a master's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Tableau training benefits

  • My batch sizes are generally very small size 5-7 members OR 1 to 1 also, so students receive direct, hands-on training from us.
  • 100% practical training only. It is not a slide show training program / theory class program. At the end of this class, definitely you will refer your colleagues / friends / relatives for my training.
  • Conducting regularly online- training for US peoples in all time zones (PST,CST,EST,HST,MST)
  • Installation of Softwares in your desktop / laptop will be done.
  • Will be provided self evaluation testing software, exam simulator, dumps & books with this training.
  • Continuous support is provided for any of your on-site problems. assistance will be provided and you will be recommended to some of IT development firms.

About Tableau

Tableau Desktop is one of the most used data visualization, reporting and Business Intelligence tool in the world. It has regularly been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Tableau is simple to use requiring minimum skill level and has great visualization capabilities making it the reporting tool of choice for multiple enterprises.

The Tableau Desktop 10 training provided by Greens Technologys is to ensure you are ready to take up a job assignment requiring Tableau Desktop expertise. The course has been specifically designed to give your Tableau career a strong boost. This Tableau training focuses on skills, such as visualisation building, analytics and dashboards. This course also prepares you for the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification exam by Tableau.

Tableau offers five main produ

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online
  • Tableau Reader
  • Tableau Public

About Tableau Training and Certification - Tableau 10 Desktop Course

Tableau training will help you master building interactive tableau dashboards and learn data visualization. This course with prepare you for Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification exam. In this training you will also learn Tableau desktop and public integration with R & Big data. It is best suited for software developers, BI professionals, system and IT administrators.

Tableau Training Objective

  • Understand Tableau Desktop Architecture and how to use Tableau in real life
  • Tableau statistics and Tableau interactive dashboard
  • Master Tableau Reporting, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation
  • Simplify and organize data with data connections
  • Master Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields
  • Learn to implement Data Aggregation and Data Blending in tableau
  • Understand R Connectivity with Tableau
  • Gain knowledge on using R scripts in Tableau
  • Perform real time analytics and Tableau data visualization
  • Prepare for Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam

Tableau Business Intelligence and Analytics Training in Chennai

Tableau Training in Chennai serves the beginner to advanced Tableau user, targeted towards anyone who works with data regardless of technical or analytical background. Tableau training course helps students implement important concepts and techniques in Tableau. Move from simple to complex visualizations and combine them in interactive dashboards. Extensive coverage on different report components with examples

Tableau Training Course Content

Datawarehousing Concepts

  • What is DWH?
  • Characteristics of Datawarehouse
  • Difference between OLTP and DWH
  • Architecture of DWH
  • Various BI tools
  • Types of DWH
  • Types of Dimensional Data Modeling
  • Surrogate key
  • Types of Dimension

Business Intelligence Concepts

  • BI application types (ad hoc, standard reporting, analytic applications, dashboards) and audiences
  • Specification of templates, applications and navigation framework
  • Development of applications and BI portal

Tableau Desktop (Introduction)

  • Introduction Tableau
  • Connecting to Excel, CSV Text Files
  • Getting Started
  • Product Overview
  • Connecting to Databases
  • Working with Data
  • Analyzing
  • Formatting
  • Introduction to Calculations
  • Dashboard Development
  • Sharing
  • Data Calculations
  • Aggregate Calculations
  • User Calculations
  • Table Calculations
  • Logical Calculations
  • String Calculations
  • Number Calculations
  • Type Conversion
  • Parameters
  • Filtering Conditions
  • Filtering Measures
  • Histograms
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Sets
  • Tree maps, word clouds and bubble charts
  • Pareto Charts
  • Waterfall Charts
  • Bump Charts
  • Funnel Charts
  • Bollinger Bands

Tableau Server

  • Install Configuration
  • Tab admin
  • Tab cmd
  • Data Server
  • End User Training
  • JavaScript API Intro and Embed
  • JavaScript API Switching Views
  • JavaScript API Filtering and Selecting
  • JavaScript API Asynchronous Programming
  • JavaScript API Event Listeners
  • JavaScript API Advanced Filtering
  • JavaScript API Utility Function

Tableau Advanced

  • Authoring for Interactivity
  • Data Blending
  • Basic Mapping
  • Advanced Mapping Techniques
  • WMS Servers
  • Polygon Maps
  • Background Images
  • Custom Geo coding
  • Cubes
  • Trend Lines, Residuals, and Forecasting
  • Statistics Calculations
  • Ben ford’s Law
  • Box Plots
  • Sales force
  • Google Analytics
  • Extract API CSV to TDE
  • Connecting to Web-based Data Sources with the Extract API
  • Extract API Transforming Your Data
  • Analyzing Sales Data with Tableau
  • Tableau Online Security and Administration
  • Tableau Online Security and Administration
  • Tableau Online Updating Data to the Cloud

Tableau Visual Analytics Training

  • Introduction
  • Laying the Groundwork for Visual Analysis
  • Getting, Cleaning and Classifying Your Data
  • Visual Mapping Techniques
  • Solving Real-World Problems
  • Communicating Your Findings

Tableau training chennai

Why Tableau ?

We at Greens Technologys are proved to be in love with Tableau along with our happy students. We believe that there are still many people who don’t know much about this visual business intelligence tool. Are you one of them? Visit our Tableau training institute in chennai located in Adyar and OMR or Book your Free Tableu Demo session now +91-8939915577

5 Reasons to Learn Tableau – A Deep Dive into Tableau Career Opportunities!

Tableau is emerging as one of the hottest trends in business intelligence in 2016. The data visualization tool has been gaining popularity in companies big and small, and hence, the demand for Tableau experts in on the surge. If you go by google trends, it seems there can be no better time than “now” to learn tableau and build a career in Tableau and data visualization. Tableau training and certification will help you take advantage of Tableau career opportunities and grab top jobs in business intelligence.

So here are the top 5 reasons which tell us why a career in Tableau is the best career move at the moment.

  • 1. Soaring Demand for Tableau Professionals
  • 2. Tableau Salary – Rewarding Tableau Career
  • 3. Top Companies looking for Tableau Talent
  • 4. Variety of Job Roles on Offer
  • 5. Bright Future for Tableau

Who should take this Tableau training course?

  • Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Professionals, Testing Professionals
  • Statisticians , Business Analysts ,Project Managers
  • Data Visual Analysts Functional Experts
  • Graduates and Professionals looking to move to analytics domain

What are the prerequisites for learning?

There are no prerequisites for taking this training course.

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Tableau training in Chennai Reviews

Greens Technology Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.

Best Tableau Training in Chennai

Best Tableau Training in Chennai

" I am glad to have taken complete Tableau course in Greens Technologys. It helped me a lot in understanding various concepts before which I was depending on many other sources. I will recommend this course to beginners as well as experienced developers/ admins to attend the courses offered by Dinesh @ Greens Technologies Adyar. The course curriculum is meticulously prepared and also followed without any compromise. Thus, the beginners can understand how to begin learning a vast technology without any confusion. In my case, attending this course, helped me firstly how to learn the subject in a different approach (understandings basics level to in depth concepts), instead of rushing through various text books or online sources. Dinesh explains every concept in a very interesting way and it always creates an excitement in learning more about Tableau . Moreover the material, notes from training also helps us prepare for interviews, Tableau certification, real time projects as well.

Greens technology the best Tableau training in chennai. The training was superb and the instructor was brilliant. I've read popular books on Tableau but I would not have understood the principles of BI if he had not gone in depth on the fundamentals with examples. It's so critical to get this understanding to be successful in the BI world.

Tableau course is designed well and the Datawarehouse concepts explained in a very clear style which also made my learning fun. I would recommended this course for anyone wanting to take up the Cognos.I started Tableau course with no knowledge at all,and i completed with lot of knowledge..this all because of Ram..who is very good at explaining subject very clearly..Ram--i know many people who knows subject and cannot express or explain it to students in an understandable way..but you rock the last thing Ram,you are a very good far in my experience you are the best..thanks for all the support


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Greens Technologys Overall Reviews

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