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Selenium Interview Questions

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62) What is the difference between POI and jxl jar?

JXL jar

POI jar

JXL supports “.xls” format i.e. binary based format. JXL doesn’t support Excel 2007 and “.xlsx” format i.e. XML based format

POI jar supports all of these formats

JXL API was last updated in the year 2009

POI is regularly updated and released

The JXL documentation is not as comprehensive as that of POI

POI has a well prepared and highly comprehensive documentation

JXL API doesn’t support rich text formatting

POI API supports rich text formatting

JXL API is faster than POI API

POI API is slower than JXL API

63) What is the difference between Selenium and QTP?

Feature Selenium Quick Test Professional (QTP)
Browser Compatibility Selenium supports almost all the popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera etc QTP supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. QTP only supports Windows Operating System
Distribution Selenium is distributed as an open source tool and is freely available QTP is distributed as a licensed tool and is commercialized
Application under Test Selenium supports testing of only web based applications QTP supports testing of both the web based application and windows based application
Object Repository Object Repository needs to be created as a separate entity QTP automatically creates and maintains Object Repository
Language Support Selenium supports multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl etc QTP supports only VB Script
Vendor Support As Selenium is a free tool, user would not get the vendor’s support in troubleshooting issues Users can easily get the vendor’s support in case of any issue

64) Can captcha be automated?

No, captcha and barcode reader cannot be automated.

65) What are the verification points available in Selenium?

In Selenium IDE, we use Selenese Verify and Assert Commands as Verification points
In Selenium WebDriver, there is no built-in features for verification points. It totally depends on our coding style. some of the Verification points are
To check for page title
To check for certain text
To check for certain element (text box, button, drop down, etc.)

66)What are the different exceptions you have faced in Selenium WebDriver?

Some of the exceptions I have faced in my current project are

  • ElementNotVisibleException
  • StaleElementReferenceException

Element Not visible Exception:

This exception will be thrown when you are trying to locate a particular element on webpage that is not currently visible eventhough it is present in the DOM. Also sometimes, if you are trying to locate an element with the xpath which associates with two or more element.

Stale Element Reference Exception:

A stale element reference exception is thrown in one of two cases, the first being more common than the second.

  • The two reasons for Stale element reference are
  • The element has been deleted entirely.
  • The element is no longer attached to the DOM.

We face this stale element reference exception when the element we are interacting is destroyed and then recreated again. When this happens the reference of the element in the DOM becomes stale. Hence we are not able to get the reference to the element.

Some other exceptions we usually face are as follows:
  • WebDriverException
  • TimeoutException
  • NoAlertPresentException
  • NoSuchWindowException
  • NoSuchElementException
  • TimeoutException

67) What is the difference between driver.get()“url”)?

driver.get(): To open an URL and it will wait till the whole page gets loaded

driver.navigate.get(): To navigate to an URL and It will not wait till the whole page gets loaded

68) Can I navigate back and forth in a browser in Selenium WebDriver?

We use Navigate interface to do navigate back and forth in a browser. It has methods to move back, forward as well as to refresh a page.


You interviewer will definitely cover multiple domains in his/her line of questioning. Therefore, no matter how good you are at writing code, you need to brush up your basic knowledge of Selenium. The interview questions and answers above should help you in your preparation.

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