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Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Chennai

Oracle Fusion HCM 11g training in Chennai teaches you how to implement, configure, and use Oracle Fusion Compensation to manage base pay, individual compensation, workforce compensation, and total compensation statements. Explore compensation setup and management tasks through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities.

Oracle Fusion HCM 11g Training in Chennai Course Content

Oracle Fusion HCM certification Training covers topics such as: Global Human Resources, Security, People Management, Profile Management, and Workforce Structures

  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Outline of Course Hands-On Activities
  • Oracle Fusion Resources

Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications and HCM Compensation

  • Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
  • Introduce Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
  • Introduce the Manage Compensation and Analyze Total Compensation Main Business Activities

Define Security for HCM

  • HCM Security Setup and Maintenance
  • Roles Assigned to Users
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Job and Duty Roles
  • Segregation of Manage Compensation and Analyze Total Compensation Duties by Job Role
  • The Security Reference Implementation
  • User Accounts and Role Provisioning
  • Managing Security Using HCM, OIM, and APM

Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

  • Application Implementation Lifecycle
  • Functional Setup Enterprise Roles
  • Planning an Implementation
  • Configuring Offerings
  • Generating Setup Task Lists
  • Assigned Implementation Tasks
  • Maintaining Setup Data
  • Accessing Implementation Projects and Tasks

Define Workforce Structures

  • Employment Models Overview

Define Eligibility Profiles

  • Define Eligibility Overview
  • Manage Derived Factors
  • Planning and Prerequisites for Eligibility Profiles
  • Setting the Eligibility Profile Definition
  • Defining Eligibility Criteria

Define Elements, Balances and Formulas

  • Manage Fast Formulas
  • Manage Payroll Elements Overview
  • Element Templates
  • Element Entries and Input Values
  • Element Eligibility Criteria
  • Balance Feeds
  • Element Classifications Overview
  • Elements and the Payroll Employment Model

Define and Manage Base Pay

  • Grade Rate Overview
  • How Grades, Rates, Sets, and Legislative Data Groups Work Together
  • Validating Salary Using Grade Rates
  • Salary Terminology
  • Salary Basis Overview
  • Manage Base Pay Overview

Define and Manage Individual Compensation

  • Actions Overview
  • Individual Compensation Plans Overview
  • Introducing Compensation History
  • Awarding Variable Compensation Outside of the Regular Compensation Cycle
  • Manage Compensation

Define Approval Management for HCM

  • Approval Management Overview
  • Setting Up Approval Management
  • Manage Task Configurations
  • Approval Groups

Manage Workforce Compensation Plans Overview

  • Workforce Compensation Key Features and Capabilities
  • Global Settings

Configure Workforce Compensation Plan Foundation

  • Manage Compensation Plans
  • Configure Plan Details
  • Configure Plan Eligibility
  • Configure Plan Cycles
  • Configure Plan Currency
  • Plan Access Overview
  • Configure Feedback Survey

Configure Workforce Compensation Budgets

  • Budgeting Overview
  • Configure Budget Page Layout

Configure Workforce Compensation Worksheets

  • Compensation Components
  • Performance Ratings
  • Approvals
  • Alternate Approver Hierarchy
  • Compensation Change Statements
  • Alerts
  • Configure Worksheet Display Overview
  • Managing Security Using HCM, OIM, and APM

Configure Workforce Compensation Models and Reports

  • Modeling Overview
  • Reports Overview
  • Report Dimensions Overview

Validate Workforce Compensation Plans

  • Validate Plan Setup
  • Validation Results
  • Start Compensation Cycle Process

Manage Compensation Models and Budgets

  • Manage Compensation Models and Budgets Navigation
  • Manage Compensation Models Overview
  • Manage Budgets Overview

Manage Workforce Compensation

  • Manage Workforce Compensation Navigation
  • Manage Compensation Plans

Administer Workforce Compensation

  • Compensation Work Area
  • Global Models Overview
  • Active Plans Overview
  • Administer Workers Overview
  • Administration Reports Overview
  • Batch Process Overview

Define Total Compensation Statements

  • Total Compensation Statements Overview
  • Compensation Items Overview
  • Compensation Categories
  • Statement Definitions
  • Monitoring Processes and Viewing Statements Overview
  • Annual or Periodic Use of Statement Definitions

Course Summary

  • Course Key Concepts
  • Course Activities

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