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Ionic Training in Chennai

Learn Ionic (mobile app framework) from the Best Ionic Training Institute in Chennai with the most experienced and Ionic certified expert trainers in the field. Greens Technology provides Ionic training in Chennai to freshers and corporates on iOS, Android, JavaScript, Angular 2, HTML5, and CSS.

Awarded as the Best Ionic Training course in Chennai - We Guarantee Your Ionic Training Success in Chennai.

About The Trainer

Ionic Mobile App Framework offers an incredibly easy to build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS. I have expertise in Ionic mobile application development frameworks to offer an enhanced mobile application for any web application, particularly ecommerce apps for ecommerce websites I have developed.

With over eight years of experience as a PHP freelancer, I have developed a proficiency in Ionic Framework. I have offered the services of Mobile App development using Ionic Framework freelance basis for an ample of clients across Chennai, and other parts of Tamilnadu. If you are looking for a high quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery service in Chennai, or any other part of Tamilnadu, India, then get in touch with me now and I shall be glad to answer further questions.

Flexible Timings / Weekend classes Available.

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Ionic Training Course Fee

FREE Demo Session: Try two FREE CLASS to see for yourself the quality of training.

What is Ionic?

Ionic is a free and open source advanced HTML5 framework library of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components used to build highly interactive web applications. It is easy to learn - you just need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - and allows your apps to display and work seamlessly on all devices.

Greens Technologies, Ionic 2 training teaches attendees how to create Ionic projects for different platforms, add interactivity, and use Angular 2 to create navigation. Attendees also learn how to test their applications and to use best practices.

Ionic training course Objectives

This course will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to start developing your own apps using Ionic, by taking a hands-on “by example” approach. It will walk you through the creation of two complete apps, as well as provide many more smaller examples illustrating various Ionic features and development practices.

Included with this course you get access to the source code for each example and for each step, as well as access to personalised help from the instructor.

  • Create an ionic project using CLI
  • Add different platforms (iOS, Android) to target for compiled applications
  • Create interactive interfaces
  • Use Angular 2 routes in application to create navigation
  • Test application in the browser and the emulator or real device
  • Deploy an app to ionic server
  • Learn best practices

Ionic training course syllabus

1. Ionic – Powered by AngularJS

  • Understanding the separation of concerns
    • AngularJS components
    • AngularJS directives
    • AngularJS services
    • AngularJS resources

2. Welcome to Ionic

  • Mobile Hybrid Architecture
  • What is Apache Cordova?
  • What is Ionic?
  • Software setup
    • Install Node.js
    • Install Git
    • Install Bower
    • Install Gulp
    • Install Sublime Text
    • Install Cordova and Ionic CLI
  • The platform guide
  • Hello Ionic
  • The browser developer tools setup
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • The Ionic project structure
    • The config.xml file
    • The www folder
  • Scaffolding the tabs template
  • Scaffolding the side menu template
  • generator-ionic
    • Installing generator-ionic

3. Ionic CSS Components and Navigation

  • Ionic CSS components
    • The Ionic grid system
    • The page structure
    • Buttons
    • Lists
    • Cards
    • Ionicons
    • Form elements
    • Integrating Ionic CSS components with AngularJS
    • The Ionic router
    • A simple two-page app

4. Ionic and SCSS

  • What is Sass?
  • Setting up SCSS in our Ionic project
    • The manual setup
    • The Ionic CLI task
  • Working with Ionic SCSS
    • Basic swatch
  • Understanding the Ionic SCSS setup
    • Using variables and mixins
  • The SCSS workflow
  • Building a swatch

5. Ionic Directives and Services

  • Ionic directives and services
  • The Ionic Platform service
    • registerBackButtonAction
    • The on method
    • Headers and footers
  • Content
    • ion-content
    • ion-scroll
    • ion-refresher
    • ion-infinite-scroll
    • $ionicScrollDelegate
    • Navigation
    • ion-view
    • Ionic view events
    • ion-nav-bar
    • ion-nav-buttons
    • $ionicNavBarDelegate
    • $ionicHistory
    • Tabs and side menu
  • Ionic loading
    • The Action Sheet service
    • Popover and Popup services
    • $ionicPopup
  • The ion-list and ion-item directives
  • Gesture directives and services
    • Utilities

6. Building a sample App

  • An introduction to the sample application
  • The architecture of the app
    • The server architecture
    • The server-side API documentation
    • The client architecture
    • Code on GitHub
    • A demo of the sample app
      • The development flow
  • Setting up the server
  • Building the application
    • Step 1 – Scaffolding the side menu template
    • Step 2 – Refactoring the template
      • Refactoring the menu
      • Refactoring the module name
      • Adding a run method and modifying routes
      • Refactoring templates
    • Step 3 – Building authentication, localStorage, and the REST API factory
      • The Ionic loading factory
      • The localStorage factory
      • The Authentication factory
      • The REST API factory
    • Step 4 – Creating controllers for each route and integrating with the factory
      • The application controller
      • The browse controller
      • The book controller
      • The cart controller
      • The purchase controller
    • Step 5 – Creating templates and integrating with the controller data
      • The Login template
      • The Browse template
      • The Product item template
      • The Shopping Cart template
      • The Purchase template

7. Cordova and ngCordova

  • Setting up a platform-specific SDK
    • The Android setup
    • The iOS setup
  • Testing the setup
    • Testing for Android
    • Testing for iOS
  • Getting started with Cordova plugins
  • The Ionic plugin API
    • Add a plugin
    • Remove a plugin
    • List added plugins
    • Search plugins
  • The Cordova whitelist plugin
  • ngCordova
    • Setting up ngCordova
    • Legend
    • $cordovaToast
    • $cordovaDialogs
    • $cordovaFlashlight
    • $cordovaLocalNotification
    • $cordovaGeolocation

8. Building a Messaging App

  • The Ionic Chat app
    • Firebase
      • Setting up a Firebase account
      • AngularFire
  • The application architecture
    • Authentication
    • The application flow
    • Previewing the app
    • Data structure
    • Cordova plugins
    • Code on GitHub
  • Developing the application
    • Scaffolding and setting up the app
    • Installing the required Cordova plugins
    • Getting the Google API key
    • Setting up routes and route authentication
    • Setting up services/factories
    • Setting up a map directive
    • Setting up controllers
    • Setting up templates
    • Setting up SCSS
  • Testing the application

9. Releasing the Ionic App

  • Preparing the app for distribution
    • Setting up icons and splash screens
    • Updating the config.xml file
  • The PhoneGap service
  • Generating installers using the Cordova CLI
    • Android installer
    • iOS installer
  • The Ionic package
  • Uploading the project to Ionic cloud
  • Generating the required keys



Ionic training Duration

It is a 20 days program and extends up to 2hrs each

Ionic training in Chennai Reviews

Greens Technology Reviews given by our students already completed the training with us. Please give your feedback as well if you are a student.

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best Ionic training center in chennai "I want to thank you for your incredible efforts and sharing your vast knowledge. I am feeling lucky to have attended your great batch. You are awesome Prabhakar, I am not sure when i will be able to attain 50% of your knowledge but i got a lot inspired by you. I will keep in touch and will always try to learn from you as much as I can. Thanks once again Prabhakar"

Ionic training chennai ""Dear Prabhakar, Ionic training has been outstanding. You have covered every aspect of the Ionic which would boost the confidence of the attendee to dive into greater depths and face the interviews subsequently. I feel confident after attending the Ionic course. I am sure you would be providing us your valuable high level guidence in our initial realtime project . Each of your session is a eye opener and it is a great joy to attend your Ionic training. Thanks and Kindest Regards ""

Ionic training classes in chennai "I thought I knew Ionic until I took this course. My company sent me here against my will. It was definitely worth and I found out how many things I was doing wrong. Prabhakar is awesome. but i got a lot inspired by you. I will keep in touch and will always try to learn from you as much as I can. Thanks once again Prabhakar"

Ionic training chennai """I think this is the best qtp course I have taken so far..Well I am still in the process of learning new things but for me this learning process has become so easy only after I joined this Prabhakar is very organized and up to the point.. he knows what he is teaching and makes his point very clear by explaining numerous times. I would definitely recommend anyone who has any passion for Testing.." ""